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in Addison, Texas

As much as we try sometimes to use home remedies or more holistic approaches, we can find relief in knowing that there is an amalgam of medications available for different types of conditions, needs, and diseases. 

Once we have established a relationship with you and your companion and based on our consultation and physical exam, we can provide you with medications that may be needed through our on-site pharmacy. This way, we provide the convenience of being able to send home the medications that are part of the treatment right away while reducing the waiting time. This means you get to start the recommended treatment right away to help your companion as soon as possible!

Dr. Josh has made sure that his on-site pharmacy offers a wide variety of medications and supplements that are effective and as safe as possible. We also pride ourselves in staying up-to-date with newer medical modalities to always offer the best to our patients. If for any reason we do not carry a specific medication or prescription diet, we can place special orders with our medical supplier and have these medications or diets delivered almost always within 1-3 days! 

We have also partnered with Vetsource to provide our clients with our extensive online pharmacy, which also offers you the convenient option of home delivery for our pharmacy products. With Vetsource, our online pharmacy offers a safe, approved, and reliable source of delivery of pharmaceutical products and diets to your home within just a few business days. These products come directly from the manufacturer in the original FDA approved packaging, along with the manufacturer’s guarantees. This is very important, as many online pharmacies provide products that do not have the manufacturer’s guarantees. 

In keeping up with the online shopping reality, we also aim to keep our online pharmacy prices competitive with other major online pharmacy retailers. We are certain we will find a way to provide excellent quality products at a very competitive price as fast as possible to make sure that your companion can have the best care possible. In the end, we do what we do because we are passionate about making your furry companion and you as happy as we can. Contact us today to let us know how we may help you!

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