Humane Euthanasia

in Addison, Texas

The years have passed quickly and now you’re faced with the sad reality that pets just don’t live long enough. You may also be facing the challenging decision of deciding when “that” time might be.

If your pet has chronic pain that does not improve with medication or alternative therapies, has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, or has a decreased quality of life with no positive resolution, you may be considering humane euthanasia as a possible option. 

At Isla, we will never tell you what to do. What we will do is help you evaluate your furry companion’s quality of life and, based on your options, determine when considering humane euthanasia would be a realistic option. Rest assured that this is always our last resource because, like you, we are passionate about seeing healthy and happy pets. We do not take this conversation and decision-making process lightly, but we will be there for you to make it as painless and compassionate as we can. We explain to you what may be expected during the process and make it as simple as possible, while providing a humane option that is virtually painless. Please count on our support and contact us to allow us to assist you during these challenging times.

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