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Comprehensive Examinations

in Addison, Texas

Annual comprehensive examinations, also known as preventive care exams or wellness exams, are essential for your companion to live a long and healthy life. They allow us to fully examine your furry companion and establish a thorough conversation about the exam findings. These appointments give Dr. Josh the opportunity to diagnose issues that otherwise might go undetected until your baby may become seriously ill or require more extensive treatment. 

We recommend at least one annual comprehensive exam for patients that are one to seven years of age. Sadly, dogs and cats age faster than us humans. Based on this reality, we recommend bi-annual comprehensive examinations for any dog or cat over seven years of age. These exams and consultations are beneficial for multiple reasons, including detecting conditions like arthritis, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, and cancer, which tend to be seen more as our companions mature.
We would love to see you not only when your furry companion is not feeling well, but also routinely to make sure you can enjoy a long lasting and healthy relationship. Feel free to contact us to schedule a comprehensive exam and keep your pet healthy and happy.

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