Parasite Testing and Control

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Pets are beloved companions that enrich our lives in countless ways. Just like any member of your family, it’s important to ensure your furry friend’s well-being. At Isla Veterinary Boutique Hospital, we emphasize the importance of parasite testing and prevention to safeguard your pet’s health. You can count on Dr. Josh and our dedicated team for compassionate care for your fur baby.

Protecting Your Pet from Parasites

Parasites are tiny organisms that live in or on your pet. They can cause a range of problems, ranging from mild irritation to serious illness. Contrary to popular belief, parasites in the DFW area are not limited to the warmer months. They can pose a threat to your furry friend all year long.

Some of the most common parasites that affect pets in the DFW area include the following:

  • Fleas: Fleas are tiny, biting insects that can cause immense discomfort to your furry friend. They can lead to itching, redness, and hair loss and can even transmit diseases to pets and their human families.
  • Ticks: Ticks are small, blood-sucking parasites that can cause serious harm to pets and humans alike. They can transmit serious diseases, including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
  • Heartworms: Heartworms are blood parasites transmitted by mosquitoes that pose a life-threatening risk to pets, especially dogs. If not treated, their numbers can increase to hundreds, causing lasting damage to the heart, lungs, and arteries.
  • Roundworms: Roundworms are intestinal parasites that can cause weight loss, diarrhea, and vomiting. They can also be transmitted to humans, causing gastrointestinal problems.
  • Hookworms: Hookworms are intestinal parasites that suck blood, causing internal blood loss. They are a serious threat to your pet, causing anemia and weight loss, and pets may sometimes require blood transfusions.
  • Tapeworms: Tapeworms are intestinal parasites, usually transmitted to your pet by the ingestion of fleas, causing digestive upset. They are more serious when affecting younger pets, potentially causing intestinal blockage.

What Are Common Symptoms of Parasitic Infections?

The following are some common signs and symptoms of parasitic infections:

  • Fatigue, rapid breathing, or coughing
  • A bulging chest
  • Exercise intolerance
  • Sudden collapse
  • Scratching, licking, or skin biting, especially around the ears, paws, and belly
  • Patchy hair loss or a dull, unkempt coat
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea with blood or mucus
  • Vomiting, especially with blood
  • Unexplained weight loss

Even though these symptoms don’t necessarily mean your pet has parasites, it’s important to schedule a consultation with our team at Isla Veterinary Boutique Hospital to identify the underlying causes of your pet’s concerns.

How Often Should You Have Your Pet Tested for Parasites?

The frequency of parasite testing will depend on your furry friend’s lifestyle, risk factors, and unique concerns. For example, pets that spend much of their time outdoors are more likely to be exposed to parasites than those that stay indoors. Pets that travel or are exposed to other animals are also at an increased risk.

In general, most pets require blood tests and fecal exams during their annual exams. It’s especially important to screen for heartworm, which, left untreated, can lead to complications and even death. Dr. Josh will recommend the frequency of parasite testing based on your pet’s unique needs.

Year-Round Parasite Prevention Program

Every pet needs to have a parasite prevention program in place. Keeping your pet protected is often as simple as monthly heartworm, flea, and tick prevention, along with deworming as needed. Dr. Josh will recommend a parasite prevention program considering your pet’s history, health, age, lifestyle, and unique needs. Our goal is to ensure maximum protection for your furry companion.

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Dr. Josh and our dedicated team at Isla Veterinary Boutique Hospital are committed to providing exceptional healthcare services for your furry friend. We emphasize the importance of routine parasite testing and year-round prevention to safeguard your pet’s health. You can always count on us for paw-some, compassionate care! We invite you to call us at (972) 738-1111 or request an appointment online today!

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